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Province of Caserta, Italy Tech House Techno

Mastrati Antonio, aka Mastrantonio, born in the province of Caserta in 1990. Approaches to music at a young age, looking for that sound that represented him. He began as a resident DJ in local party, to be established as a DJ now. Its performance can be live or DJ set. In 2011 he founded a group FTS (Fuck The System). Mastrantonio attends the "Empro Lab" of "Nut Accademy" in Naples. His style is techno. Lover of synthesizers Mastrantonio can express a techno innovative and involving, as evidenced by his productions.
Producer for this label: Egothermia - Jumpstereo - Black Kat - Sisma - Boiler Underground - Sub Woofer - SubPlot - Bull Dog dcc....
Mastrantonio is a dj resident for We Dance Music Cncept (techno staff party in Naples)

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