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Giuseppe Losito

Italy Electronica / Downtempo Techno Minimal / Deep Tech Chill Out +1

Giuseppe Losito was born in Andria (IT) in 1998.
At the age of eight years began the first approaches to music in particular, with the battery and percussion.
Time to time is closer to the underground scene of Frankfurt where he allows him to know artists of a certain caliber and expand their choices music.
At the age of 13 started his first experiences with the various tools and various evenings in North Baresi including: Bari, Bitonto, Andria and Barletta where it is appreciated above all for his DJ sets and his way of expressing himself.
As Giuseppe Losito also began to produce various programs,
that give you the opportunity to make known his music in a more comprehensive and hopes to be part of the scene Underground Pugliese.

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