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Bucharest, Romania House Funk / Soul / Disco Electro House Minimal / Deep Tech +2

DJ Donc, by his real name Bilba Doru Mihail, was born on November 15, 1981, in Bucharest.
His love for music began in childhood while recording on tapes over and over again, the songs of Jean Michel Jarre, DJ Taucher and Talla 2XLC.
Although a music lover, stands up in front of a DJ desk in 2005, in Switzerland, where his dream to become a DJ began to take shape by mixing in the various clubs.
In 2006 he becomes resident of the Pyramid disco in Neuchâtel. Since 2008 he devoted his time to other projects. In 2011 he returned at what make him happy,MUSIC with mixes,
private and afterhours parties in various pubs and clubs in Bucharest and he decided to go to another level by producing his own songs.first 2 are New Road and Mirror.

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