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Vancouver, BC, Canada Minimal / Deep Tech Tech House Techno House +1

Howl Sound is the organic blend of crunchy forest bass with hypnotic,
throbbing house. The unconscious mind meld of two ends of a musical
spectrum stretching from deep and esoteric to thoughtful and uplifting.
Howl Sound is the clash of island dub and underground sub. Best enjoyed
deep in the throes of ecstatic dance, releasing pent up woes and frustrations
far from yourself.
To hear this sound, picture the dissonant notes of modern life, the deeply
inspired yet discordant reality we live in. Match that with the trance of house,
disco’s long lost ghost, warm and yearning for the connective release of the
dance floor.
The result is a meandering blend, a yin and yang of the strange and the
warm. The bleeding edge of production yields sounds both new and familiar,
voices and instruments warped or mismatched, idiosyncratic blends across
the sonic spectrum.
Howl Sound is forceful, deliberate creative energy matched with sophisticated
engineering acumen. Professionalism with a pioneering spirit. Childlike
wonder and nostalgia with an ear and eye for the fresh and the intriguing.
Who is Howl Sound? Sean Matwiy - the bringer of the bass, he who delves
deeply into the raw and gritty side of dance. His musical self is defined by
the transformative experiences shared with his Howl Sound collaborator and
countless others, the true power of transcendent dance in every possible
Ryan Enockson - another of house’s devoted acolytes, he seeks the spiritual
peace and serenity of the dance floor, respectful of the mosaic of influences
that house entails. Music pays his bills and charges his creative batteries - his
knowledge stretches from the turntable to the engineer’s chair. That refined
musical knowledge provides Howl Sound its tight, thick sonic flair.

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