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Hakodate, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan Minimal / Deep Tech Electronica / Downtempo Deep House Reggae / Dancehall / Dub +7

Born in Hokkaido, Japan in 1977.
He found many kind of music like Punk, Indie Rock, Jungle, Hip Hop, Techno, etc. while he was in England (Manchester, Birmingham and London) for a couple of years in late 90's.
Then started Djing in 1999.

He organized many parties and events in Japan, with Hokkaido musicians such as OKI ("Ainu" music innovator), THA BLUE HERB (legendary Hip Hop crew), and so on.
He teamed up with a rapper "The best-kept secret of Japanese Hip Hop" Y to the ONE (1980-2011), and toured Japan.
He often went to Hardcore gigs in his hometown and got strong feeling from that local scene.

Then moved to Bangkok in 2009.
His party "GIANT SWING" is organized in Bangkok with DJ mAsa niwayama. That non-genre party invited various guests such as ALTZ, L?K?O, Naohito Uchiyama [Synapse], SINKICHI [bud ryukyu], DJ YAHMAN, DJ DOPPELGENGER, REBEL MUSICAL a.k.a. DJ KEI, BLOWBOHEMIA a.k.a. Masumoto Kota, Nu-Doh [bud ryukyu], DJ ENDO [CONVERGE+], NKchan (Japan), Patrizio Cavaliere (UK), THE ELECTRIC DOG, SayakaStar (Germany), Dan Bi Mong [Digital Natives] (Switzerland / Vietnam), DJ Dragon and MC Sinamon (Thailand).

Also resident of Bangkok's top Dubstep party "DUBWAY" with DJ Dragon [Homebass Communications], MC Sinamon, Jo Stitch [Jiving-Tribe], etc. We invited DJs & musicians such as Goth-Trad (Japan), PINCH [Tectonic Recordings], RSD a.k.a. Rob Smith [Smith & Mighty] (UK), Greg G [7even Recordings] (France / Japan), SABRE [Metalheadz], GA-PI DUB KITCHEN a.k.a. Gap T-bone (Thailand) and MC ABU [original member of Homebass Communications] (Japan). Artworks have been made collaborating with artists like Thun "TRK" Puchpen, Alex Face (Thailand), Chip 7 (US) and QOTAROO (Japan).

In 2012, back in Hakodate City (Hokkaido) where Y to the ONE's soul exists.

DJ HIROO mainly plays heavy and dope tunes like Dub, Breakbeats and Techno. But on the other hand, he sometimes creates relaxed mood in his Chillout set.

He owned his music label called "Oyamapan Sound" from 2006 to 2014.

In 2013, his latest and best project "HALATION (HalationHakodateHokkaido)" started in Hokkaido.
Various artists have performed for its events. ALTZ, DJ DYE [THA BLUE HERB], K-BOMB (a.k.a. KILLER-BONG), B.I.G. JOE (as a DJ), DJ YOGURT, DJ DOPPELGENGER, REBEL MUSICAL, O.N.O [THA BLUE HERB], Kanako Horiuchi, RABIRABI, Kyo Sakurai, SATOL, Aonami, cro-magnon [JAZZY SPORT], THA BLUE HERB (Japan), DJ DRAGON, Maft Sai and mAsa niwayama (Thailand).
"HALATION" & "EXPedition" (Experimental edition of HALATION) have become a trademark of DJ HIROO.

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