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Hernan Bass

Minimal Deep House Techno Electronica

From Argentina, Buenos Aires born in 1987, his real name is Guido Hernan Salvatore.
He begins whit the electronic sound at 16 years old. At his 18 started to mix at his home whit a turn tables and a mixer, until he seems interested in producing electronic music whit softs . Then he learns to use Ableton and he start to really experiment until he found his style. He starts using several styles and sub styles inside the same track until this day where he produces Minimal Techno and indie electronic.
His productions were used for several nationals and internationals djs. Also he seal a lot of his tracks whit different labels like Seta label, ItaloBussines, Sub Studio, Plastik Fm, Shufflemood, Divided, Atarry and many many more …
He always works at clubs whit “Du Sant” a dj and producer sharing the booth and playing in a lot of clubs from Buenos Aires and out, making warm up or b2b.
Until this day, he keeps playing at clubs from different countrys as Portugal, Francia, Ecuador, Colombia, chile … and radios.
He continues in his search for a clean and unique sound on his productions.
Now he have you own label, krad records, “really dark music”.

Hernan Bass - Sexy Voices [Krad Records]27/03/12
Hernan Bass - Sexy Voices [Krad Records]27/03/12
Hernan Bass - Dr. Emo [Vise Versa Music]21/11/11
Hernan Bass - and his bitches [Krad Records]21/09/11
Hernan Bass - Sweet n Love [Krad Records]16/08/11
Hernan Bass, Du Sant, Xtramol - Tripoides Lp [Krad]21/06/11
Hernan Bass - Medellin [Shufflemood]25/05/11
Hernan Bass - More dark than you [Krad Recods]09/05/2011
Hernan Bass - Recta O Tangene [Plastik FM] 24/03/2011
Hernan Bass - Soy Asi Ep [Seta Label] 07/03/2011
Hernan Bass - De Aca ! Ep [Plastik FM] 19/01/11
Hernan Bass - Techno Mora Ep [SetaLabel] 12/11/10
Hernan Bass - Anochece y Amanece Ep [Miniatura Net] 18/09/10
Hernan Bass, Du Sant - Encaminandos Ep [Substudio] 17/07/10
Hernan Bass - Seamos Tango Ep [SetaLabel] 07/07/10
Hernan Bass - Tiene un secreto Ep [BeatMind] 02/07/10
Hernan Bass, Du Sant - Bizarros Ep [Malicious Smile] 02/07/10
Hernan Bass - Seduceme Ep [High Seven recordings] 11/06/10
Hernan Bass - Mambeado Ep [Shufflemood] 12/04/10
Hernan Bass - La DuSant Ep [Kreativa Netlabel] 17/03/10
Hernan Bass - Como Se lo digo Ep [Seta Label] 30/10/09
Hernan Bass - El Burundaga Ep [ Miniatura Net] 01/06/09
Hernan Bass - Eres una puta Ep [Kasseta Musik] 25/05/09
Hernan Bass - Inocente Amor Ep [ItaloBusissnes] 16/04/09
Hernan Bass - Despues De tanto Ep [ItaloBussines Net] 31/07/08
Hernan Bass - Divortio Suicida Ep [MiniMooger] 15/08/08


M.I.D.I - Funck Minimal(Hernan Bass Rmx) [DootRecords]
Replacement & Aney F - Sniper(Hernan Bass Rmx) [Eklero Records]
Alberto Brichuk - One day ... (Hernan Bass Rmx) [DLA Records]
Bubbaloop - Scuba Love a train (Hernan Bass Rmx) [Terror Clicks]
Favio M - Sonidos Azules (Hernan Bass Rmx) [DLA Records]
Spektor - Imaginary Contact (Hernan Bass Rmx) [Eclectic Records]
Unluck - Guy (Hernan Bass Rmx)[DLA Records]
Du Sant - Chulo Ciclotimico (Hernan Bass Rmx) [Dark&Sonorous]
Bruno Bazzetti - Climbing the Stairs (Hernan Bass Rmx)[Kard Records]
Alberto Brichuk - escapando(Hernan Bass Rmx) [Dark&Sonorous]
Honeyeatears - Cuidado con el perro(Hernan Bass Rmx) [FreeRmx]
Favio M & Xtramol - Save (Hernan Bass Rmx) [ItaloBusiness]
Ginoˈs - Tokyit (Hernan Bass Rmx) [High Seven Recs]
NU - Geno (Hernan Bass Rmx) [ShitFuck!]
Cj Tari - Experimental (Hernan Bass Rmx) [Kreativa Label]
Funkatron,Sensoreal-Skycykling(Hernan Bass Rmx) [Shufflemood]
Gonza Algue - Buena leccion (Hernan Bass Rmx) [Rationalism]
Jorge Jara, Juan DDD - Papaya (Hernan Bass Rmx) [Atarry Record]
Dualism - pills delirium (Hernan Bass y more Rmx) [SetaLabel]
Tommy Bass - Cable Monkey (Hernan Bass, Xtramol Rmx)
Unluck - no more saxo(Hernan Bass,Minimora Rmx) [Kreativa Label]
jose wated - collect 200 (Hernan Bass Rmx) [ShitFuck!]
MiniMora - y despues nada (Hernan Bass Rmx) [DLA Records]
MiniMora - Controversia (Hernan Bass,DuSant Rmx) [Rationalism]
Mylo Salté - Afternoon Cherie(Hernan Bass Rmx) [Terror Clicks]
Duo - Deep memories (Hernan Bass Rmx) [Rationalism]
Frank Valat - Hurts (Hernan Bass Rmx) [Rationalism]
Andres Gil - Traumatic Phobia (Hernan Bass Rmx) [Refluxed]
Sol & Sample - Mr Saturn (Hernan Bass Rmx)[Pretty Neat Records]
MiniMora - D day (Hernan Bass Rmx) [Plastik Fm]
Du Sant - La momia tormentosa (Hernan Bass Rmx) [Refluxed]
Damolh33 - whirl (Hernan Bass, Unluck Rmx) [Plastik Fm]
Duky - Analog Creations (Hernan Bass Rmx) [Plastik Fm]
Sebastian Peña - Dreaming (Hernan Bass, Du Sant Rmx) [Krad Records]
Unluck - Fuck it (Hernan Bass Edit) [Krad Records]
Dr.Nice - For Sure (Hernan Bass Rmx) [Krad Records]
Maksim Dark - Systematic (Hernan Bass Rmx) [Divided]
Xtramol - Liu kang vs kung fu panda (Hernan Bass Edit) [Krad Records]
Die Autisten - Way of truth (Hernan Bass Rmx) [Krad Records]
Unluck - Acido (Hernan Bass Rmx) [Krad Records]
Antonio Ruscito - Lake #1 (Hernan Bass Rmx) [Krad Records]
Volski, Smoley - Kingdom snippet (Hernan Bass Rmx) [Shinocs Music]
Damolh33 - Dried Corn (Hernan Bass Rmx) [Stoffwechsel]
Eiht - B (Hernan Bass Rmx) [Molesikine Music]
Tox-D! - Undergroud (Hernan Bass Remix) [Minustop]
Brojanowski - juicy (hernan bass rmx) [Creeapy finger records]

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