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Hernan Bass

Buenos Aires, Argentina Minimal / Deep Tech Deep House Techno Electronica / Downtempo

From Buenos Aires, Hernan Bass is a well-known talented producer at the dark techno global scene and founder of Krad Records.

He begins with the electronic music since 2008 as a dj and 1 year later he started do his own music. His productions were used for several well-recognized dj’s.

Labels like Frucht, Doma Musique, Minim.all , Music Kollektiv, Divided, Lethal Scritp/Dose, Creepy Finger Seta label, Italo Bussines and more have released his music, also vinyls at Der Hut, La Boheme Records, FineFood Rec.

Until this day, he keeps playing at clubs from different countries as Germany, Belgica, Argentina, Portugal, France, Cape Town, Johanesburg, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile and rest of Europe, also many radio shows coming up.
He always continues in his search for a clean and unique sound on his music, constantly evolving.


Hernan Bass - Luuv EP [Loob]
Hernan Bass - Pour le temps EP [Krad Records]
Hernan Bass, Anea - Mica Ep [Frucht]

Hernan Bass, Du sant - bye bye darling [La Boheme] 12'' Vinyl
Hernan Bass, Du Sant - the return [Divided]
Hernan Bass - Disagree [Minim.all]
Hernan Bass - Chaos [Krad Records]
Hernan Bass - False Ep [MicroMod]

Hernan Bass, Maksim Dark - 23 EP [Der Hut] 12'' Vinyl
Hernan Bass - Ilogicamente Racional [Frucht]
Hernan Bass - Hysteric Love [Doma Musique]
Hernan Bass - Amor de Crystal [Krad Records]
Hernan Bass - Malas vibras II [Creepy Fingers]
Hernan Bass - Odessa [Lithium]
Hernan Bass - Dark Neuquen EP [Der Traergelose Hut]
Hernan Bass - My Friend Never Sleep EP [Creepy Fingers]
Hernan Bass - Virus Pill EP [Lethal Script Records]
Hernan Bass - Candy Ep [Krad Records]
VA - Rectangular 01 EP [Rectangular]

Hernan Bass - Dark moments EP [Music Kollektiv]
Hernan Bass - Emo EP [Vise Versa Music]
Hernan Bass - Fragiles Sentimientos EP [Lethal Scritp Records]
Hernan Bass - Llamados de media noche EP [Lethal Scritp Records]
Hernan Bass - Malas Vibras EP [Krad Records]
Hernan Bass - Sexy voices EP [Krad Records]
Hernan Bass - Una Celosa desilucion sin rostro EP [Lethal Dose Records]
Hernan Bass, Unluck - Evil Deeds EP [Krad Records]
VA - [Miniatura Net]
VA - Frische Fruchte Vol.02 [Frucht]
VA - Kollektiv Artist Vol 6 CD [Musickollektiv]
VA - Kollektiv Artist Vol 7 EP [Musickollektiv]

Hernan Bass - Amy EP [Krad Records]
Hernan Bass - Anochece y Amanece Ep [Miniatura Net]
Hernan Bass - De Aca EP [Plastik.FM]
Hernan Bass - Medellin EP [Shufflemood]
Hernan Bass - More dark than you LP [Krad Records]
Hernan Bass - My Bitches EP [Krad Records]
Hernan Bass - Recta o Tangente EP [Plastik.Fm]
Hernan Bass - Soy asi EP [Seta Label]
Hernan Bass - Sweet n love EP [Krad Records]
Hernan Bass - Un dia antes [Krad Records]
Hernan Bass, Du Sant - Encaminandonos EP [Substudio Records]
Hernan Bass, Xtramol, Du Sant - Tripoides LP [Krad Records]
VA - Darkness EP [Krad Records]


Hernan Bass - Bizzarros EP [Malicious Smile]
Hernan Bass - La Du Sant EP [Kreativa Records]
Hernan Bass - Mambeado EP [Shufflemood]
Hernan Bass - Seamos tango EP [Seta Label]
Hernan Bass - Seduceme EP [High Seven Records]
Hernan Bass - Techno Mora EP [Seta Label]
Hernan Bass - Tiene un secreto EP [beaTMind]
VA - 20 EP [Eminor Rescue Mission]
VA - Fireworks Vol.06 EP [Italo Business]
VA - In your bag Vol. 3 [Substudio Records]
VA - Options [Seta Label]


Hernan Bass - Burundanga Ep [Miniaturas Net]
Hernan Bass - Como se lo digo EP [Seta Label]
Hernan Bass - Despues de tanto EP [Italo Bussines Net]
Hernan Bass - Divortio Suicida EP [MiniMoogers]
Hernan Bass - Eres una puta EP [Kaseta Music]
Hernan Bass - Inocente EP [Italo Business]
VA - Babylon Act. 1 EP [Relogical]
VA - Fireworks Vol.03 EP [Italo Business]

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