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Hassen B

Tunis, Tunisia Trance Electro House

One of Silver Waves Recordings founders and it Videos Designer. DJ/Producer and radio-show hoster. For Promos, Guest mixes and other inquiries;
Please contact

Well, my real name is Hassen Boufateh, I'm from Tunisia, got 17 years old and studying computer sciences. I enjoy doing designs, DJing and Producing Trance Music.

Also, I'm one of Silver Waves Recordings founders and it designer. We are a small record label driven by the propose of promoting the true values of the word "Trance" with talented artists from all over the world.
Since the label's birth, we have received a great welcome by the Trance Family. Our releases gained support from the likes of Markus Schulz, Armin van Buuren, Pedro Del Mar, Ferry Tyle, Suzy Solar, Solarstone...

Besides that, I also have a weekly radio-show called 'Silver Waves Sessions' which airs every Wednesday from 10 to 11 PM (UK Time) on Discover Trance Radio. I do really enjoy making the radio-show, it gives me the opportunity to support the underground artists (Which I'm one of them, hehe) and please the radio listeners.

On 2011, I started learning Music production on Fruity Loops by watching tutorials on Youtube and exploring the DAW. I also started learning visual designing on the same year and using the same method.

later this year, I will have my first single release which is called 'Land Of Happiness' with Remixes from Jesper Olesen, Cosmic Heaven, E.T Project and Sky Flight. The release is going to be on my Label and I'm really excited for it.

So basically, 2011 and 2012 were the best years of my life. I learned a lot of stuff, achieved couple of dreams.

And before I forget, I'm hardcore PC gamer. You will find links to my gaming profiles below so if you want, add me and join the battle! :-)

If you're on any of the social medias listed below, feel free to join me!
Beatport DJs:

And for my gamer friends, feel free to add me on:
Origin/Battlelog: HassenB_TN
Steam: HassenB_TN
Xfire: Hassentiesto (Yeah, I was a hardcore Tiesto fan back in days...)

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