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Toronto, ON, Canada House Progressive House Trance

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada I started DJ'ing at the age of 23. Experimenting with rental equipment I soon purchased my first mixer and CD players. What started out as requests to DJ friend’s house parties soon turned into requests for car shows, youth events, weddings and club venues.

Music tastes originated back at the age of 12 with a strict following in the heavy metal genre. As a late teen I started listening to Rap & Hip-Hop which eventually birthed my tastes towards House and Trance music.

With influences from DJ Scott Blackwell, AJ Mora, World Wide Message Tribe, Above & Beyond, and Armin Van Buuren I soon realized my greatest desire was to mix Trance, House and Progressive music.

Currently I continue to DJ house parties and club venues in and around Toronto. I also produces my own podcast called Audio Nutrition which is available through iTunes.

Keeping up with technology I use the latest gear but enjoy to mix the old school way of beat mixing by ear. I perceive DJ'ing as a way to share and tell others about the music I love and am passionate about.

“If the music you’re listening to doesn't give you goosebumps, you’re listening to the wrong genre."


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