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Electro House Hardcore / Hard Techno Minimal / Deep Tech +7

Greatwood began his journey through his love for music early in life. As for becoming an artist? It was inevitable. Spinning in all sorts of clubs/ raves in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Chicago he became of prime interest and on high demand. Now it is his duty to both serve his country under the B-1 bombers droppin' bombs, and droppin' bombs of his own in the Dallas scene. His self-taught mixing skills are smooth and hit hard. His unique style and charismatic energy will be sure to create the "icing" to your experience. Greatwood started using CDJs and a basic mixer to create his art, moving up in nicer Pioneer models he decided to take a different route. Feeling that this is the direction he needed to head for the way the music scene is moving, Greatwood decided to go digital. Now using the Traktor Kontrol S4 to create his heavy bassline havoc it's definitely something to not miss.
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