Key Commands


Tech House Dubstep Chill Out Electro House +6

The name started from when he was young. He was known as Neeks, Spinning started to become more of a regular thing when he was about 16. He started to call him self TechNeeks and many loved the new name. They also love the new music he produced when he was only 14 neeks. With no knowledge he started to make music on FL studio. with his eagerness to learn about Electronic music he began to ask questions. he says Ultra Music Festival was what changed him the most. he continues to say how he has always known about electronic music like Daft Punk but never knew what is was.
Born and raised a Miami Fl there was never any electronic music. It was Uncle Luke Nas big poppa and jay z. these rappers could be hard core and lets just say pussy popping people. But i noticed a change around the time Kanye west came out with a song featuring Daft Punk. Even more so when Black Eyed Peas started going electro. He continues to try to feed truth to the world through his music and Dj and his high hopes of going international is in his reach.

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