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London, UK Techno

Ever since Krisztian aka. Googana turned 13, music has been the most important thing in his life. From the age of 14-16 this love of music manifested him into playing guitar in a nu-metal and punk band. 
It was only after a few years later that he was to become more enchanted with electronic music. He has been DJing since 2004 and started to play at parties in the same year. Up until 2009 he was mostly into psytrance music, but also enjoyed playing dub,minimal, progressive,house and techno. 
In Hungary he played mostly in the Pecs and Szekszard areas in nearly all well-known clubs, bars and smaller festivals. He also had a weekly radio show on Periszkop Radio. Once he had the opportunity to play in Budapest at the well-known Kashmir Club. 
In 2008 he moved to Leeds and later on to London, where he finally discovered, and got into the house and techno sounds he was looking for. So his main psytrance interest transformed into a brighter spectrum of dub-techno, deep-house, tech-house, prog-house, prog-techno, but most close to his heart is TECHNO. 2011 -2015 he was a resident DJ on Modulate FM ( where he invited up and coming and already well-known artists (e.g: Cortechs, Hefty, Darmec, Komut, Nahal, GabeeN, NHB, Genetic Noise, Axel L., SpecDub and Jacob DannyL...) to play. 
He also played in some smaller and larger clubs/bars in London (Ministry of Sound, Club Aquarium, The Fence, Raving Buddha, Ember, Tart Bar...) as well as having had a few opportunities to play in Spain (Aftersun Festival, Bar El Dorado) and did some guest podcasts too for the German BassAudienz crew, The StoryTeller Radio, for the Hungarian Art: Style Techno, Spirit Circle and Mozaik crew...

Black Brook Records
Destructive Collection Records
Bach Music

Towns,venues,places played in Hungary:
Budapest: Kashmir Club, R33 / Pecs: ICWIP Festival, Remeteret, Malomvolgy, Rack Cafe, Szeszgyar, Planet, Bakterhaus, Dante, Kanta Bar, Slow Poison, Letra Bar / Szigetvar: Cafe Palermo / Szekszard: Rolling Rock, Cafe Sam, Dios Digo Teahaz, Regi Sed / Majs: Ring of fire festival

27.05.2017. Techno Picnic, Berlin
13.05.2017. Omen, The Sequel @ Loophole, Berlin
24.02.2017. Omen @ Loophole, Berlin

14.08.2016. 3. Free Solo Masters Welcome Party in Lienz/Austria at Almrausch

2014.12.19. Nandoh b2b Googana @ MINISTRY OF SOUND, London
2012.11.11. Footloose Dancefloor @ Club Aquarium, London
2012.10.13. Footloose Dancefloor @ Club Aquarium, London
2012.08.17. Footloose Terrace @ The Fence Bar, London
2012.06.29. Footloose Terrace @ The Fence Bar, London
2012.02.26. Footloose after party @ Club Aquarium, London
2012.02.25. Footloose warm up party @ Charterhouse Bar, London
2011.11.13. Footloose Dancefloor @ Club Aquarium, London
2011.08.26. First and only Beatsfactory Radio Party(as from now its called Modulate FM) @ Raving Buddha, London
2011.03.31. London Warehouse Events Dj Competition @ Raving Buddha, London
2010.07.17. Askarabaskara Project Psychedelic Meeting, Kent Riverside
2010.05.15. Abbey Lodge Studio opening party in Leeds
2010.02.13. Subconscious 3rd Event in London @ The Fence
2009.10.03. Soulspun in Leeds @ Beaverworks
2009.08.29. Subconscious 2nd Event in London @ Ember Bar
2009.07.11. Subconscious 1st event in London @ Ember Bar
2009.06.21. Askarabaskara Project Psychedelic Meeting, Kent Riverside

2013.09.05 Footloose @ El Dorado, El Palmar
2013.07.15 @ El Dorado, El Palmar
2013.06.24 @ El Dorado, El Palmar
2011.08.31-09.01. Aftersun Festival, Sierra de Gata, Spain

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