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Los Angeles, CA, USA Electro House Progressive House

Gene Lee is a musician, DJ and producer of EDM. Originally an ice hockey player, a goalie, he left his hockey sticks and skates behind to become a DJ. He is better known as GomDirty, meaning of "Teddy Bear", uncovered a passion of music at only 8 years of age while playing piano in Korea. He made his way back to United States and started promoting clubs. After few months of promoting, he started music, loves most, with a mixer and turntables.

At only 25 years old he has made a impact on Hollywood music industry. He has DJ'ed at premier venues all over Hollywood and South Korea.

As soon as he enters the DJ booth, he has his full focus on the music and the crowd and how these two will combine. Therefore, the crowd completely lose themselves into his music.

His latest mixset "Dirty Taste 1" reached top 10 of mixes of Beatport on March 2014.

* Promoted Events *

- 2010
Soulful Concert @ Shrine Auditorium (Los Angeles, CA) - Hip hop concert event including Jay Sean, MC Mong, Lissang & many local artists

- 2011
@ Haute (Hollywood)
@ Le Cercle (Los Angeles)
Alpha @ El Centro (Hollywood)
LIT Sunday (Hollywood)
Omega @ Club Vice (Hollywood)

- 2012
Love Is @ Club Monte Cristo (Los Angeles)
Eden in Hollywood @ Velvet (Los Angeles)

* DJing Experiences *

- 2011
New Bluemoon @ Bluemoon (N. Hollywood)
Temptation @ Bluemoon (N. Hollywood)
Love Is @ Bluemoon (N. Hollywood)
Bluemoon Wed @ Bluemoon (N. Hollywood)
New Los Globos @ Los Globos (Los Angeles)
Circus Disco @ Circus (Hollywood)
Joseph's Cafe @ Joseph's (Hollywood)
Rise @ Joseph's (Hollywood)

- 2012
New Los Globos @ Los Globos (Los Angeles)
Monte Cristo @ Monte Cristo (Los Angeles)
Monday Afterhour @ Los Globos (Los Angeles)
Sounds of LA @ Los Globos (Los Angeles)
Circus Disco @ Circus (Hollywood)
Wed Afterhour @ Los Globos (Los Angeles)
From Dusk Till Dawn @ Los Globos (Los Angeles)
Sweet Sunday @ Empire (Hollywood)
Eden in Hollywood @ Velvet (Los Angeles)
Holic Am Sundays @ Belasco (Los Angeles)
Friday Afterhour @ Naya (Los Angeles)
Sweet Sundays @ La Vida (Hollywood)
AL Party @ Exchange LA (Los Angeles)
Feria @ Feria (Los Angeles)
Vibe @ Vibe (Los Angeles)
Joseph's Temptation @ Joseph's (Hollywood)
Rise @ Joseph's (Hollywood)
Friday Afterhour @ Los Globos (Los Angeles)
Soul Some @ Soul Some (Gwangju, Korea)
Summer Party @ Vivid (Itaewon, Korea)
Pool Party @ Banyantree Club & Spa (Seoul, Korea)

- 2013
New Los Globos @ Los Globos (Los Angeles)
Friday Afterhour @ Los Globos (Los Angeles)
Temptation @ Joseph's (Hollywood)
Sweet Sunday @ Moomba (Hollywood)
Rise @ Joseph's (Hollywood)
Good Friday Speacial Sound @ Feria (Los Angeles)
Vibe @ Vibe (Los Angeles)
EDM Party @ Belasco (Los Angeles)
Sunday Night Joseph's @ Joseph's (Hollywood)
Bite Me Party @ Rooftop 3100 (Los Angeles)
Gangnam Style @ Couture (Hollywood)
Feria @ Feria (Los Angeles)
Joseph's Sunday Night @ Joseph's (Hollywood)
Feria DJ Festival @ Feria (Los Angeles)
19Kakao Party @ 333Live (Los Angeles)
Club 73 @ Club73 (Los Angeles)
Kpop Showcase @ Vibe (Los Angeles)
Lounge Party @ Gaam (Los Angeles)
Asian Night @ Belasco (Los Angeles)
JJAK @ Exchange LA (Los Angeles)

New Los Globos @ Los Globos (Los Angeles)
Friday Afterhour @ Los Globos (Los Angeles)
Club 73 @ Club 73 (Los Angeles)
Rise @ Joseph's (Hollywood)
Fever @ Monroe (San Francisco)
Muuto @ Vanguard Muuto (Seoul, Korea)
123Lounge @ 123Lounge (Itaewon, Korea)
Champagne James @ The A (Seoul, Korea)
Syndrome @ Syndrome (Seoul, Korea)
Dirty Taste @ Jane's Groove (Jeju, Korea)
Green Night Party @ Octagon (Seoul, Korea)
Hot Pool Party @ Suwon247 (Suwon, Korea)
Cosmo @ Cosmo (Hollywood)
Sunday Afterhour @ Los Globos (Los Angeles)
Gaam @ Gaam (Los Angeles)
Colony @ Colony (Hollywood)

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