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Go2Sky (Serge Sharonoff). Story started in the 90s, with the opening of the Russian radio station 106.8FM, where i first time discovered electronic music and various music styles. It was great interest in electronic music. Later I started to attend music events, and in the same time began the way of a DJ and musician. I practiced in all kinds of music jams, DJ battles. Making connections with the great musicians. Beginning of the way...

After a trip to India in late 2010, decided it was time to give up work in the office and to seriously pursue music and the do organization of party events. Together with Den Psyonara (Liquid Satu), who very helped me in DJing and teached the basics of making electronic music. Later our project was created, named Antahkarana.

I participated as an organizer, DJ or VJ in events: Antahkarana Private forrest 1-2, Trishula, Solar TranceLocation, Mad World 1-2-3, Sticky Jam, Space Camp Gathering, Private PLUR, May BlagoFest, Tortuga, GoaSpace, Radio SoulLife, Creator-TV, Space of Joy" and many-many other events. One of the last major projects was SKAZKA, which was one of the best festivals of 2014.

Today Go2Sky is a resident and frequent dj-guest in legendary Goan clubs, such as: Curlies, Shiva Valley, BubbleBrunch, D'soule, PrimRouse, Lilliput, Kitzen Soup, Kolbasa, Teso, Monkey Valley, Waters, Night Market.
And organized events in these clubs, such as : Deep Lama Party, Alien Meditation, Happy Holi, Midnight Dancer, Sankranti, Trap Goa and many others events.

Currently engaged in writing music, both in the individual part of or in conjunction with other musicians. Working as a DJ. You can also see my video installation and me as a VJ. And new direction in the development - Healing Area "Heart of the festival" - yoga, practice meditation and healthy lifestyle.

Go2Sky (Antahkarana records / Psyonara family)

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