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Electro House Breaks Drum & Bass +3

Finding his way from a long road of musical persecution, Garrett Lockhart, known widely as GLock, found a calling in what is today known as electronic music. Without a background of music or any comprehensible/applicable knowledge to speak of, Garrett turned to ableton, a device which occupies 78% of his CPU regularly. this might raise a few questions:

Is he saying that ableton is CPU hungry and not to be trusted?
Is he saying his computer sucks?
is he saying he has no idea what he's doing?
Is he trying to imply that quality of music is relative to CPU usage?
shouldnt he get a new processor?
shouldnt he learn what a computer does?
shouldnt he learn what music is?
shouldnt he stop asking questions?
who is he again?
what kind of tangential question asking non-sense is this?

all these questions and more can be answered by clicking the "play" button on any given track displayed on GLock's sound cloud page. He has the dopest, nastiest, funkiest, swankiest, and overall tastiest jams on the internet. He's tantalizingly delicious. RICO as our friendly neighbors to the south might say. if you'd like to find a way to describe his lip bustin' beats, you may use the word "stupendiflourous". or "peanutbuttajellyjam". beats so good I had to come up with a new word to describe them. Two new words in fact. go ahead. use them. i give you unofficial permission. and while you're at it, leave a comment. or two. or five. or email me, i don't care. im a nice guy with plenty of time, let me know what youre thinkin and keep at it.


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