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Vancouver, BC, Canada Progressive House House Deep House +1

Giglianni's first love in music all started when his father introduced him to a Tape of Jimi Hendrix which he fell in love with rock music and started playing guitar at the tender age of 13. He was always into other music because his older bother collected a lot of different records which he played to him as a child while playing video games.
Later on he picked up the Mic and started a rap group with his friends called Tre Dae. They made their first mix tape on a Karaoke Machine, Giglianni's brother herd it and hooked them up with one his friends who owed an indie record label (Grip tight Records) and
studio. They got a Record Deal, made an Album, and got a little buzz in Vancouver, but the group came to an end because of compilations. Giglianni was tired of paying for studio time, so he began buying his own studio gear and started producing which led him working with other Rap Artis and various singers. Giglianni
ended up producing a rap Artist and eventually went on tour him as a Dj. He had no experience as a Dj but luckily Gigliani's older brother had stored a pair of turntables at their parents house, so he was all set to Dj. Later on Giglianni slowly found a love for house music and this is where all the Magic began. His friend hooked him up with a resident Dj gig at a local Bar called the Tap House. This was his
playground for experimenting as DJ. He still had to learn a lot on building his skill as a Dj. Giglianni landed gigs on a few Cruise ships, did tours along The Mediterranean, Austria,New Zealand and Fiji. All this time Giglianni built up his Skills as a Dj.He ended up catching the attention of local veteran DJ, Johnny Omega.Omega took him under his wing as his protege. Later on Giglianni released his first Ep "My Boyfriend is a DJ",under his own label Jiggy records. His Single "My Boyfriend is a Dj" Charted to number 2 on One day as he was working on his tunes at home, his mentor , Johnny Omega, asked him to pick up one of his friends at the airport . He was ask to pick up legendary Grammy nominated, Dj/Producer/Remixes, Stone Bridge. Giglianni hand a Demeo of his music to Stoney that night. The next day Stoney, Omega and Giglianni went for lunch.
Stone bridge was Impressed by Giglianni's Demo and said that Johnny Omega and him should form a Group, they formed a group
Called T.D.K. Their first Remix was of the Flash Brothers & KhushI's song "Home", it reached number 6 in the beat port new realized charts.

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