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Italy House Electronica Electro House Progressive House

Gian Nobile was born in Brazil, 28th September 1985 to a Brazilian mother & Italian father.

Since a very young age Gian has been fascinated by the feelings that music has offer. His opportunities to write and produce his own music started in Australia 2006 in collaborations with DJ Minna, the singer
Amanda Canzurlo and The Creptter Children.
Having been influenced by artists such as The Potbellez, Stafford Brothers , Will I Am, Cristian Luke and Thimmy Trumpeth has made Gian develop his own sound.
Gian, along with the help of DJ Zelimir, has been exposed to the music industry in a fantastic and exciting way. Encouraging him to develop his skills both musically and in a business sense has helped him take his music to the nightclubs worldwide from Brazil to Thailand and to Italy.
In between his busy song writing and productions schedules he tirelessly helps to promote Italian band Novanada and Brazilian band Banana Come Cevada.
With a constantly growing fan base from a round the world Gian is an exciting and refreshing artists to follow. Constantly working on his music and helping artists to
have their music exposed to the world will see Gian come into the music industrywith some fresh and exciting songs for you all to enjoy.
Gian Nobile has collaborated with the following artists:
(AUSTRALIA) Marvin Priest, Justice Crew,
Amanda Canzurlo.
(BRAZIL) Banana Come Cevada, Gabriel e Rafael
(ITALY) Novanada, PepeSoup

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