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Barcelona, Province of Barcelona, Spain Tech House Techno

George Privatti up in a small village in Barcelona. At the age of 17 he felt strong feelings for the electronic music and he bought his firsts decks.His musical style was influenced by “rave” parties that were in the area,where he played with some of them. He has also played on important clubs such as Florida (Boite 135), El Row (Viladecans), ZUL (Cantabria), KGB (Barcelona), Sendero (Arnedo), RESPUBLIKA (Bordeaux), Zoom (Lloret de mar), Millenium (Girona), CHIC (Lleida), and some more. In some of the clubs where he played, he shared event with big artist like Carl Cox, Umek, Ben Sims, Surgeon, Vitalic, Cristian Varela, POPOF, Riva Star, Marco Bailey, Slam, Mirko Loco, Ken Ishi, Pascal Feos, Raul mezcolanza, Felix Kroecher, etc. In 2009 he felt the concern of creating his own songs, trying to make a techno style with fresh sounds and danceable. As soon as he makes the tracks, many labels are interested about them,and he starts to release many EP ́S and songs for important labels on hard-groove techno scene. At 2010 he starts his own label PRIVATTI RECORDS, (hard groove,techno) and one year later he starts with a tech-house scene with his own label KRAPULA MUZIK. Nowadays he ́s completely submerged into the tech-house scene and he has released over 70 labels. His tracks have been played in many festivals and clubs like Monegros Desert Festival, Techno Flash Festival, Row, Florida 135, and many more, and charted by UMEK, DJ PP and many more.

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