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Gabry DC

Reus, Spain Minimal / Deep Tech Tech House Techno

Gabriel Vazquez was born in Reus on 15 September 1991, began his walk with the music at the tender age of 16 years, demonstrating capability with integration and versatility unmatched.

In 2010 begins a great year for this young DJ, alternating a weekly residency in Sala Cosmik with several gigs, and organizes various festivals, LIVING THE SOUND repeated for the second year, with great acceptance and surpassing the attendance record of the last year. It also organizes the festival of DJ's for Haiti, a benefic event to raise money, which was attended by about 3,000 people in October of that same year he was called to assist in the program Loca FM, Feel the Music, by OnlyMike.

In 2011 repeated the same success in 2010 and even far exceeds the expectations laid down, with the highest number of gigs, parties organized and above all a large number of followers. Later this year Gabry DC leaves for two years has been his home to embark fully with its promoter group: NIGHTLIFE GROUP, which creates the booking of DJ's: NIGHTLIFE BOOKING and label NIGHTLIFE GROOVE RECORDS, also continues its project Euphoria Agency, music agency created to support amateur DJs, musicians of all varieties (RAP, SOUL, FUNK, POP, ROCK, JAZZ, ...) and seek gigs and publicity.

In 2011 also develops and disseminates Gabrielle di Alessio, aka with its side showing more underground, becoming known for its Hardtechno, Hardtek and Hardgroove more aggressive. Resident on Nightlife booking and Euphoria Booking Agency, and resident SELVATEK group, party promoter HARD throughout Catalonia.

In 2012 starts the year with the tour NIGHTLIFE ON TOUR 2012, the tour will take this DJ to all corners of the community and beyond.
It also begins a year of study, his work as producer begins to operate with ease.

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