Key Commands


Trance House Dubstep Electronica / Downtempo +3

DJ Fyrbeat (aka Amber Angell) is an exciting female DJ/producer from Staines, West London. Her first 12" purchases included "Azzido Da bass - Doomsnight" (2000) amongst a range of the current garage and trance tunes out back then. Growing up in Staines saw the local scene subjected to the garage phenomenom, and after investing in a pair of 1210's the young DJ decided on mixing house and breaks. With the support of friends, house parties led to radio, club and bar gigs and a major break came in the form of the Telegraph DJ competition in 2005 where the DJ was placed 3rd in the country. Since then, the roster has included appearances across the UK and Ibiza, working with established artists and record labels (positiva) as well as media work with key industry leaders (vestax, denon). Her sounds can be heard at and she is currently working on a range of productions to be released shortly with a major worldwide record company.

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