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Zagreb, Croatia Deep House Tech House

Funtom is a purist dedicated to preserving the vinyl experience for his Club performances. He has been spinning vinyl for the past fifteen years and been resident in some of the most famous house clubs in Zagreb, Croatia. For the previous five years Funtom has been airing radio shows gaining international respect as he host’s talented artists, generating a rich portfolio of interviews, which tap into the zeitgeist of the underground music scene, and giving the listener a well-rounded portrait of the current musical landscape.

Currently on his busy roster, Funtom is hosting shows on DE Radio Vancouver, Tunnel FM Stockholm, WestRadio Athens and his long lasting show Groove Site Zagreb.

Nowadays Funtom is mostly in musical production publishing his own tracks and remixes on labels worldwide. His tracks are played and supported by some of the industry finest, such as: Ra-Soul, Tyler Stadius, Richard Grey, Nadja Lind, Klartraum, Cosmic Cowboys, Lars Behrenroth, Sezer Uysal, Aldo Cadiz, Ken Liu, Derek Marin, Tiago Fragateiro, Miss Jools, Max Cooper, Dudley Strangeways, Highland Brothers, Addex, Sean Danke, Billy Disciple, Maksy, Napoleon Dominguez, Tony Stevenson, Bourne, Marcelo Méndez, Jamesen Re, Olderic, Max Conte, Rob Collman, Di Costa, Petar Cvetkovic, Igor Brzovic, Pete Griffiths, Alex Neivel, Bartellow, Cockney Lama, Alvaro Ernesto, James Warren, Dave Unversal Language, Marc Gerrard, Shlomi B, Shaun C, Sonnarson, Adrian, Lola Palmer, Marq Walsh, Patrick Devereux, Colin Hargreaves, Marco Deep, Jonny B, Peter Ryan, Vision Collective, Lee Clarke, Deephope, DJ Love, Rob Mayman and many more.

Funtom is also Founder and Owner of Deep Site Recordings, Co-Founder of DE Radio in Vancouver and Owner of Deep Site Space.

Funtom is one of the few that fully understood and understands the bass and transition in the music pattern...

Me as a musician and an artist, with no ego or to be afraid of expressing myself about other talents and arts, can not be silent and not to applaud and appreciate him.

"Mansour on Percussion" San Francisco. Performs with: Marques Wyatt, Kevin Yost, Derrick Carter, Jeno, Julius Papp, Mark Farina, Miguel Migs and many more.

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