Key Commands


Mildura VIC 3500, Australia

We won FRDRIK a couple of years ago in a high stakes poker game. His father had his back against the wall, and after wagering the family home, put his son on the table … we won the hand, let him keep the house, but took home the young protege.

Since that day, we locked the young lad in our home studio, and forced him to learn the ways of house. We fed him only 12 inch vinyls and weetbix, the same diet Rebecca Judd used to drop the baby weight, and now, finally, we are ready to present to you his debut EP, I Need You.

His first offering features a soulful, screeching vocal, peppered with luscious chords, and what will become his trademark wuub wuub bassline, the perfect ammo to set any floor on fire.

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