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Franz Johann

Oberwart, Austria Psy-Trance Tech House Progressive House +5

FRANZ JOHANN alias Dj ANZA is one of the premiere electronic dancemusic engineers hailing from the central European hotbed for underground dance - Austria, also known as IMIX, Founder and CEO of BABAMUSIC labelgroup

Franz starts to spin hip-hop, disco, rock, electro, techno, acid house, acid jazz, p-funk in and around Viennas underground clubs in 1978. During the 1980s Franz continues to dj, is managing his recordstore "Project Records" and is getting experienced in various styles of performing alternative music. Beginning of the 1990s Anza travels to the NorthEast of Brazil. studying native culture on the streets Franz fast got involved into the clubscene of Recife spinninig as resident @ *Attitude Noturna* and performing as Dj on plenty other locations/venues/radio in Recife / Gaibu / Calhetas / Maceio during almost three years.

Back to Austria Franz starts to work on Batusim, plans and creates together with BettyB303 in 1998 the legendary House, Techno and Psychedelic Trance Club X-CHAT Oberwart/Austria, both organized the original BATUSIM PSY CAMP in 2000. Franz Johann started in 2002 his own premiere electronic music engineering project called IMIX, focused mainly on Fullon Psytrance
Franz Johann also is coaching musical productions for theatre and leading workshops for music production.
In 2008 Franz Johann begins to explore the club side of grooves with alter ego COHUNA BEATZ, instantly involved to the bigroom genres Techno, Tech-House, Progressive House, you can find his releases on all major digital stores worldwide

Labels: MoHouse, BABA Music, B.A.B.A. Records, Global Techno Alliance/GTA Records, BABA Club Music, Gee Spot Recordings, Panmusic Club Records, Jays Records, Powerhouse , ...

Performance Hotspots :

Sweden, Delhi & Kolkata India, Denmark, Sonnenklang Austria, Magnolia Arraial D´Ajuda Bahia Brazil, Spiritbase Austria, Microcosmos Austria, NYE Morocco, Earthdance Austria, Carneval - Itacaré Brasil, Kalki - Belo Horizionte Brasil, Carneval - Trancoso Brasil, Batusim Psy Camp - Austria, Buddha Bar Munich Germany, Ruin Landsee - Austria, Psychedelic Circus - Netherlands, Sundance - Austria, Aquarius Austria and more appearances in Morocco, Croatia, Greece, Brasil, Ibiza, Hungary, Germany

Cooperations and Remixes:

Anthony Poteat, Noise Tribe, Gee Van D, Gil Mahadeva, MOJO a.k.a JohN AharoN, Pan Papason, Unison, Natalino Nunes, Widescream, Jirah, Jalebee Cartel, Quantum, 40%, Patch Bay., Re.Actor, Virtual Light, Psyfullohms, Tactic Mind vs Ultravoice, Jaia, Psyboriginal, Biotouch, Crying Freemen, Gravitactional aka Invincible Quest and plenty more

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