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Perth WA, Australia Tech House Techno House Deep House

Born: November 1979

It all began as a hobby in the late 90’s: performing as a mobile DJ for weddings, school socials, functions, birthday parties and corporate events. In the course of time, this love of music gradually shifted towards becoming a passion, one that was put on hold for 11 years. It wasn’t until a worldly trip in 2010 that DJ Forgone turned his passion into a fully blown career. What started out as chasing a dream was now turning into reality.

Since November 2010 DJ Forgone has been living his dream: a native of Perth, Western Australia, he started his music career as resident DJ for a pub in Fremantle, getting guest spots in clubs and events around Perth and appearing at leading venues. Remaining active in the scenes, he has also been resident DJ & amp, in parallel to working as music journalist for Empire of Perth, throwing down weekly podcasts every Friday to begin the weekend. These residencies include:

- Resident DJ for InfinityFM - Sofia, Bulgaria - presenting the 'insatiable lust for sound' show every Tuesday @ 22 h GMT
- Resident DJ & Journalist for Empire of Perth
- Resident DJ for GMHs recordings
- guest spots on international radio stations such as 1nationunderhouse (Mexico), PureLoveLive 92.9 FM (London), RTRFM 92.1 FM (Perth)
- DJ's for fashion shows
- working with the fashion industry when organizing events

However, this is only the beginning. DJ forgone is unstoppable: in addition to his residencies he is now also the owner of Forgone Productions, a small but growing artist management/event management enterprise, working as an agent for House Park Records in Rome, Italy. Under the motto “music and insanity go hand in hand”, Forgone Productions focuses on spreading the love of music worldwide!

The insatiable passion and evolving appreciation for music has thrown DJ Forgone into learning the realms of music production. The recent introduction of piano lessons has added a new element to his repertoire: he is not only mixing and producing electronic music but also composing music in various genres.


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