Key Commands


Deep House House

Foreplay, actually known as Rodrigo Villanueva and Fausto Gaidolfi, both of them resident DJ's for the well known dance music promoter leaded by the DJ and producer Andres Dyer, 4Beats Peru, came out with the fully developed concept of a classy warm-up, being responsible for the opening acts on all of the parties held (such as the world wide known theme party from the mastermind behind Crosstown Rebels, Damian Lazarus's Rebel Rave Peru, Audiofly's Flying Circus, Sun Grooves, Inti Fest amongst many many others) and should begin in a proper way, smooth vibed, disco-shaped and eclectically balanced deep house from start to finish, takes on the lead just like the proper act of turning on the heat to kick off the night (or day... or whatever).

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