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Fluid House DJ

Minimal / Deep Tech Deep House Tech House DJ Tools +1

Javier Fernández AKA Javier Fluid House, is a DJ, producer and owner of Fluid House, Label and Project. Knowing his vocation to music from an early age he decided to involve in Fluid House Project after ten years working like building Arquitect.
After taking the decision of work in music, he began to study music, Djing and production, to transform his passion into a serious and tangible reality.
As producer he works in deep, tech and progressive house. Creating his own label Fluid House. , .
As Dj, he tries to create live music playing through ableton tools combining with Djing.
As Manager, he creates, this project wants the fair distribution of the musical creations, he share his web with profesionals who want to sell thier songs under their own name and there isn`t exclusivity deal.
Actually, his last big project is continue learning.

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