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Captain C

Chill Out Electro House Techno DJ Tools +4

Clinton Davis a.k.a DJ Flintlock was born in the Mother City of Cape Town, South Africa. He has long been a lover of all sorts of dance music from the House Club scene of Capes Town to the sun drenched weekend long Outdoor Trance Parties. This is where Flintlocks true love for dance music was grounded and remains the biggest influence in his production and DJ sets to date. He incorporates his love for feel good vibes and great "get up and dance" melodies into all that he does.

After leaving the sunny shores of South Africa, Flintlock went on his worldly travels to various countries and always found himself in the middle of the dance music scene. He arrived in Dublin in the late ‘90s and quickly met like minded people on the Dublin dance scene. From here it seemed like a natural progression to study music technology at Dublin's Sound Training Center

Flintlock has played in various venues through out Dublin, Ireland, London and Bulgaria DJ-ing with DJ Ally, Ricky Bruni, GeoMic.

Dj Flintlock and Geomic Have joined Forces, and Producing under the Name of F&G

DJ Flintlock Has a weekly Radio slot where he plays a 2 Hours Set every Wednesday night from 8:30 to 10:30 (GMT) On Clubber Guide Ireland Radio.
As Flintlock says “Dance like no one is looking” enjoy music because that’s what it’s all about.

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