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Flight 19

Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico Techno

Flight 19
i.cntrl/different is different/refluxed records

As DJ, Ángel has participated in live sessions at radio shows like, crossfader radio (Mexico) & (England) Cannibal Radio (Greece). He hosts his own radio podcast show 'Turbine FM' on the well-known Performing mainly in the underground scene and in shows,festivals and brand-parties like Sound:check, Vans, Beat 100.9, Twice as Proper, Playlabel, among others.
As producer he's certified by the Berklee College of Music in music production and already has got early support from some current heavyweight-techno-heads like Dr. Hoffman, Erphun, Virgil Enzinger, GreencrossLex Gorrie, Subfractal, Andres Gil, Bodyscrub, Dig-it, Craft between others.

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