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Hello! My name is Claudio Martinez and the music is my right hand in my fucking life. I live in Santiago de Chile and I'm currently studying Engineering Acoustics and Sound.

It all started when I was eleven years old and learned to play the piano at school. Over time I learned to play several instruments as the violin, guitar, drums and several others..

At fifteen years I formed a band called "Desvarío" with my classmates of School, with they I lived many experiences on stage rocking out, they were great musicians, but we broke up after school.

In those days also I composing romantic songs with my cousins, but over time they became independent because they evolved their music tastes, but I'm always helping them as a Beat Maker making electronic music like Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, House and several others.

When I entered university I learned to mix and compose as a DJ, and started making music with my friends from university.

I am currently doing any kind of music alone, with friends, with my cousins and sometimes with some friend bands.

Check my music! Hope you like it.

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