Key Commands

Fisk N Pash

Johannesburg, South Africa Progressive House Deep House House

A perky, uber-nerd from Johannesburg, South Africa, Fisk N Pash (real name: Paul Osei) is a new, emerging artist,
eager to detonate dancefloors and grace the music libraries/collections of many. But beware,
he is heavily armed with bags of creativity, quick-fire work ethic and jokes for days.

He is influenced by many things (think broadly) such as people, irregularities in pavements/sidewalks,
nature, jokes, cityscapes, furry little creatures, all DJs ever, and the growing hive that is
music fans around the world. He strives to bring a great sound and to one day be a recognizable
and respected brand and give many an eargasm to those willing to lend an ear.

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