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Fifth Dimension

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26,000 years ago, the earths internal kundalini energy changed. Shifting the spiritual energy of every inhabitant, from the harmonious understanding of involution and heartfelt unity, into the dark ages. Since that time, the brain has strived for dominance over the hearts true connection to the source. In a process of evolution, where the energy is directed outwardly into the world, the ego of the mind has concentrated itself on dividing every element of perception, in a desperate attempt to exact control. Thought has dominated intuition. Separating us further and further from our true essence. It was a natural process, necessary to experience infinite duality, time, and spiritual dis-connection. so that when the earths energy once again shifts back into involution. We will remember this journey, cementing the understanding of oneness.

We are on the cusp of this energy change, souls are beginning to experience energy shifts within themselves. The time where organized thought rules inner knowing, is coming to an end. The days where music
written with a vision of wealth in the mind succeeds, are numbered. The time is upon us where intuitive creativity will be at the forefront of progress.

Fifth Dimension will harness these high energies, and let the music write itself. They are not producers, They are messengers. Not bound by the restrictive rules of genre, Not bound by the feeling of judgement created by the ego. Bound only by the need to bring others together.

Your inner self has a message for you, and Fifth Dimension will appear to provide it.

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