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Fetzer & Hennig

Nuremberg, Germany Tech House Minimal / Deep Tech Deep House

Fetzer&Hennig is a cooperation project between the two DJs and Producers Lars Hennig (Dresden/Nürnberg) and TobiAldeano (Bayreuth/Nürnberg) from Germany.

Having been always fascinated by electronic dance music they decided to start their own coop-dj-project.

Lars Hennig was mainly influenced by his friends David Jach and Tom Shopper. Between 2008-2012 he had also Gigs in Bavaria and Thuringia.
During 2007, Lars visited the VIBRA DJ School to improve his skills as a dj. With the help of his teacher, Tom Shopper, a Minimal DJ from Amberg, he appropriate his individual style of mixing records. The need to learn and improve his abilities and styles are unsurpassed. 2008 Lars reached the title "vice champion" of the "Corona Movida & Pacha DJ Contest East Germany".

TobiAldeano started his DJ-career in 2006 with House music. Since 2009 his styles changed to minimalistic-deep beats coupled with electro grooves. He is playing gigs in Nürnberg, Thuringia and his hometown Bayreuth. Also because of that he reached a high level of succes there.

The styles of "Fetzer&Hennig" ranges especially from Minimal, over Techhouse, to Tribal- and Latinhouse.

2 years ago years Lars started to produce "Fetzer&Hennigs" own Techhousemusic. Thats why he is still searching for a suitable label to publish his music.

So stop talking...start listening to Fetzer&Hennig :)

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next dj dates:
15.3. Tapetenwechsel @ Sound'n'Arts Bamberg
17.3. Kabine Nürnberg
12.4. Tapetenwechsel @ Sound'n'Arts Bamberg
20.4. Mehrblick @ Club Koma Nürnberg
18.4. Morph Club Bamberg
02.5. Blub @ Mitte Soundbar Nürnberg
10.5. Tapetenwechsel @ Sound'n'Arts Bamberg
20.6. Morph Club Bamberg

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