Key Commands

Fern Keist

Province of Milan, Italy Electronica / Downtempo Progressive House Trance +1

Born in 1985. Always passionated for music in every way, for every kind.

The first instrument was an electric blue Ibanez guitar.

After many years playing with a band in pubs and clubs, he decided to face new music realities about composing, 'cause playing just an instrument couldn't express himself as good as he wanted to, so started to produce music with softwares.

In the beginning tried to produce some music recording with his guitar and composing with Lo-Fi synths.

Slowly discovered that mixing the melodic rock culture with the fascinating and various electronic music, he found his own music genre.

Now is at work bearing down some remixes and his own tracks, cooperating with some hidden italian artists.

Hoping you'll enjoy, wish you my best wishes.

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