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Felipe Valenzuela

Berlin, Germany Deep House Tech House Techno House +3

Felipe Valenzuela is an eclectic pioneer who has exporting his unique brand of melodious and elegant techno from his motherland Chile to Europe and beyond, since his distinctive style has brought him global acclaim. The last year has seen Felipe bloom in the studio, both on his own as “Stabilo” for Savor Music, as “Almost there” with Dorian Paic for Raum…Musik and “Count Three” released on Drumma Records by F.A.D. the acronym used for Felipe Valenzuela, Argenis Brito and Dani Casarano, Felipe’s partner in crime and business for Drumma Records. Felipe’s career as DJ started in 2002, and since then, it has been an unceasing crescendo.

His music has been featured on esteemed imprints like Cadenza, Drumma, Raum…Musik, Safari Electronique, Saw Recordings and of course his own label Melisma, a unique electronic music platform dedicated to those superfine hearing, who are constantly opting for a sophisticated music experience. The label, founded in 2009 together with his friend Dani Casarano, proudly includes artists like Ryan Crosson, Fumiya Tanaka, Thomas Melchior, and the master Ricardo Villalobos, who decided to join Melisma due to his long-lasting relationship with Valenzuela, and the evident label sharp ascendency. Villalobos’ debut comes among an outstanding remix of Different Bass, a track originally “written” by Felipe himself and Jcko Mosquiera.

At the beginning of the 1990s a significant underground movement overturns Chile and Felipe soul. The driving forces behind this phenomenon were Ricardo Villalobos and Dandy Jack which influence converged together with Felipe indisputable talent, shaping his unique musical style… Felipe sound goes beyond the usual standards of electronic music. His style, devoted to classical and high calibre inflections, focused on delivering the elegant side of techno.

Even if his days are mostly dedicated to prepare dope new tracks, catalogue his infinite vinyl collection or recruiting fresh Melisma’s talents, his commitment remains the same: deliver quality timeless music that not only fills the dancefloors but also audience’s mind and soul.

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