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Federic Sallefranque

Montevideo, Uruguay House Techno Deep House Tech House +1

Hello! I'm Federic Sallefranque. I born and live in Montevideo (Uruguay).
My beginnings with electronic music was in the beginning of the 90's entering
a varied group of musical genres (Heavy metal, Reggae, Soul, etc.) reaching a
critical point of my life where the rhythm and the metrics of the music led me to
causing a rift between me and these genres and finishing in the 80's and 90's
Funky House, this much influenced by a big one like Prince and other exponents of
this kind of music, and then to discover the Techno artist such as Richie Hawtin and
Ricardo Villalobos.
I started with the typical child's inventions: mixing of cassetes tapes, assembly
of tapes and other gadgets.
That was my start in the world of electronic music.
My only and real interest is the enjoyment of my music, that every day I'm trying
to improve to please the ears most exquisite.

"Dj & Producer"


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