Key Commands


Electro House Indie Dance / Nu Disco Dubstep +1

Thomas Canizares, "famously" known as Faux, is an underground classic Indie Dance and House producer and DJ from Edinburgh, Scotland. Born in 1999, Faux is one of the youngest artists in the Sable Media family. Most inspiration for his interesting sounds came from Indie bands such as MGMT and Passion Pit, and he also looked up to producers Madeon, Daft Punk and Justice. First a French House producer, Faux put out free songs on Youtube and Soundcloud. The CEO of Sable Media found Faux on youtube and sent a single message that turned into Faux being one of the first artists to be signed onto Sable Media. Faux's signature sound for Indie Dance and House usually created a distinct vintage progression with band-like techniques. Keeping things on each song original and filled with soul, Faux made synthesis different and interesting when making his classical electronic sound, inspired by french electro and indietronica. Bringing up what people made before, he made the songs simple yet filled with many different aspects changed by each genre. The accidental recording and vintage mastering also played a big part in what was being produced. On May 29th, 2013, Faux released his full length album titled "We Are Infinite" which includes classics and new records. On October 21st, He released his second album named "21" containing vintage indie and electronica IDM compositions. Faux is an active producer and releases on Sable Media Records.

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