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Fatisima Price

Cologne, Germany Deep House Minimal Techno

Fatima Dembele born and raised with African Roots in Cologne, has been dedicated to her true Love - Music since earliest Times.
She is an Singer since 1994, Producer and "Dj" Newcomerin as *Fatisima Price* in Deep House, Dark Techno Music since 2011......
She is creating her Music in the colour of her African Soul Life Spirit and own Deep independent Underground Sounds.
2011 was an real exited and experienced Year for fatisima price. She started as a Newcomer Djane and played already in her first Year during the Summertime in Croatia/Hvar at the Hula Hula Beach Bar, at the Pink Champage and at the legendary "Helios Bar", where she mets her new Hamburg Music in Love family Kommune52 family.
And since ever that time her Journey and Adventure ride and flow with her Music, her LOVE Energy she spreads with her Music just started to began to grow bigger and bigger. She is more than authentic in each kinds of her many Ways, authentic in her true Music Life Spirit for LIFE!

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