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Frýdek-Místek, Czech Republic Drum & Bass Minimal / Deep Tech Hardcore / Hard Techno

My name is Jakub and I call myself Fantek. I'm 18 years old Dj and Producer. My Dj career begin since 2011 and producing my own music catch me since 2010. Now I'm on side of our Czech "DBA Crew" and from 2013 I'm in Dynamo Destroy Sound System. My favourite styles are Tekno, Minimal and Drum and bass. From Drum and Bass I like Liquid, Neurofunk, Deep and Mainstream.

Making Tekno and now lot of Liquid Drum and bass! :)
Making with:

Actualy I'm looking for labels! :)

So if you want to contact me you can use my Official Facebook Page
or you can contact me on my own profile on Facebook :)

More Information on Soundcloud!

Thanks for Support!!

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