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Denmark House Progressive House Glitch Hop +10

Tobias Valdemar Schwartzlose (born 10 November, 1993), better known by his stage name F4MES (pronounced "Fames"), is a Danish electro, dubstep and house disc jockey based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is especially is well known for his dark vibes, ability to mix almost any genre, brilliant mastering and smooth transitions.
F4MES started DJ'ing at nightclubs in 2009. His breakthrough came with the commercial success with the remix of "Bonkers", released in 2010 receiving a huge audience and thousands of sold copies. The track contains the vocals of Dizzee Rascal and Armand Van Helden
As of 2011, F4MES stopped producing music, because he wanted to use of all his energy on the DJ part. Today F4MES is much not playing at clubs very often. He, as one of the first DJ's to do this ever, is trying to gain a huge audience trough the internet, by uploading his mixes to Mixcloud, and promoting on his Facebook page. So far it has worked out very well for F4MES. He now has many DJ friends, and a audience of thousands of people.

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