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Oak Park, CA 91377, USA Electro House House

Rising DJ and Producer F1ush, a 22 year-old California native is moving into the EDM scene quick. He has taught himself six different instruments at a very young age and it was only until recently in September 2012 in which the idea of being a DJ and Producer went from an everyday hobby to a full time career. In a matter of months F1ush has completed tracks in several different DAW's. "I started in FL Studio, but that only lasted a month or so until I wanted to get into the bigger 'name' programs. It was funny because I had two tracks written a day later in Ableton. It was like a whole new world for me, Ableton unlocked so much creativity and expression. Lately I've only recently got into Logic so I cant say much about that yet, but I can say that I received an Avid Audio Interface that integrates with Logic so I'm eager to learn the DAW."

F1ush is not only trying to make his mark in the House music industry, but also aspires to take his addiction and love for electronic music to a whole new level. F1ush is here to do something different and put his own twist on House music and hopes his audience will lose themselves in his music.

“Music has always been a major factor in my life and plays a role everyday. I believe that it is a life changing experience and my goal is to have people enjoy it and get as much out of my music as I do. Music runs my life and I wouldn’t be here today with out it!”




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