Key Commands

Deep Aura

Friday, March 6, 2015 4:00 PM - 12:00 PM Sunday, Mar 8 2015 PDT
*Please bring cash as there will not be an ATM on site
*All proceeds go to cover the production of this event ONLY. This is a non-profit gathering of family and friends.

We are incredibly excited to introduce the first-ever DeepAura Gathering! Please join us for two beautiful nights of transcending house and techno under the desert stars. Our location will be a stunning private property deep in the Mojave desert, about 1.5 hours from Los Angeles. We have two full nights of music planned for you (from sunset to sunrise) as well as fire dancers, live music performances and a drum circle.

In addition to gathering together to enjoy amazing music and our family of friends, we are also throwing this event to celebrate the birthdays of our dear friend Thomas E. Zahlten and Undercurrent/DeepAura’s own, Richard Hosea (Aenera). This month also marks the Undercurrent Tribe’s anniversary and we’ll be partying under March’s full moon, so we have plenty of reasons to get wild!

This is a true deep desert event, so please be prepared for some festival-style camping! That means bring shelter, food, water, alcohol and all other necessities for yourself and your friends. We need your help to light up the night and make this event a blast, so please feel free to bring glow hoops, glow poi, LED lights and other flow toys, as well as drums, shakers, tambourines and other instruments for the drum circle. As far as amenities go, we will not have a bar or food vendors, but bathrooms will be provided. Firewood donations for the community fire pit are greatly appreciated, but individual camp fires are not permitted for everyone’s safety.

This is a pack-in pack-out event, there will be a zero tolerance littering policy being enforced. Let's respect the land and mother nature, and there will also be designated recycle bins for cans and bottles. Let's love each other and mother earth!

Plan on packing layered clothing as desert weather is volatile and temperatures can drop significantly at night. Finally, the road into the event is dirt for a couple of miles, so cars with medium to high clearance levels are encouraged.

*Please note that this is a private event – DeepAura is a gathering of like-minded music lovers (and friends of yours are friends of ours). You’re welcome to invite those close to you, however, please do not post info or directions for the general public or invite people you would not bring into your own living room.

MUSICAL ARTISTS will be provided in collaboration with:
Noise Revolt
Bright People

~ DeepAura Gathering ~
Mar 6th-8th 2015 line-up

Friday Night:
5pm-6pm - Subliminal
6pm-7pm - Twinflame
(Leorosa B2B Coyoti)
7pm-8pm - Borbi
8pm-9pm - Brian Scannell
9pm-10pm - God Particle
10pm-11pm JiP.C B2B Britton
11pm-Midnight - Davoid
Midnight-1am - Goodjob Gian
1am-2am - Slinky
2am-3am - Elijah Smith
3am-4am - Aphotic
4am-5am - Mike McCoy
5am-6am - Sammy Sam
6am-7am - Raskal
7am-8am - Zevo
8am-9am - Jason Eason
9am-10am - Grinzy

Saturday Afternoon:
noon-1pm - Zach Alwin
1pm-2pm - Chad Martini
2pm-4pm - Paul Stengel, Tallulah, Sunny Quetzacoatl (Drum Circle)

Saturday Night:
4pm-5pm - Matt Hill
5pm-6pm - Matt EP
6pm-7pm - Mikey High Jinks
7pm-8pm - Alana Starr
8pm-9pm - Brandon Scarbrough
9pm-10pm - Riley Warren
10pm-11pm - Eve Falcon
11pm-Midnight - Holliday
Midnight-1am - Aenera
1am-2am - Marques Skot
2am-3am - Crescendoll
3am- 4am - Ghost Strype
4am-5am - Anderson M
5am-6am - Drew Blyther
6am-7am - Four Four
7am-8am - Dougal
8am-9am - Karma
9am-10am Farbod

*Subject to changes.

**Directions will be sent out via private message on the day of the event**