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BOLIVAR 17 Centro Histórico
Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
Friday, May 3, 2013 9:00 PM - 3:30 AM AST
Prepare your ears for the musical delight that will be held tonight by the pioneering exponents of the local Mexican scene in their own genre.

The web will be launched by this young man, with more than 10 years of experience in the underground scene in Mexico, showing a new stage as a bloguer, to inform about the new musical tendencies in the world, focusing on music bass (techno, house, dubstep, uk garage, funky, electronica, etc). In the web, he will also show his work as a dj producer and a visual artist: "The idea is to grow as an artist. I wanna show what I do in this web and to be able to achieve different kinds of goals."

He lived in Europe for more than a year, in the two of the most relevant capitals of art and modern music: Berlin and Barcelona. Being there, he was influenced by the most avant-gardists sounds and the great urban art of those two stately cities: "I love what I would be terrific to go back there and to be able to represent Mexico in the world scene."

He will share the stage with dj's that have grown the stage for years in different ways and with different styles. All these musical genres will gather that night to widen the spectrum of the electronic movement, without a perspective limit, opening the ears of the audience
who want to expand their brains to new musical visions...


▼JOCAN DEKÄ(Zentral Rebell/Blaq)


▼SIGNAL DELUXE(Blaq/Pantamuzik) House/Techno

▼REDEKER(Konami/Metashake) Breaks/Drum&Bass

▼ENRIQUE GONGORA(Louder Music/Bust a Dub) House/Deep House

Warm up: BASTII(Diez&Media) House


▼JUBE(Konami watch the sound)

Free de 9-11
Shots Free 11-12