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Recondite Beatport Live

Berlin, Germany
Friday, March 15, 2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM CEST
Long time collector of music, Recondite had his first experience with producing electronic music early in this century in a small studio next to the forest in lower Bavaria. Heavily influenced and inspired by the regional landscape, his tracks are padded with natural field recordings of wooden claps and dry rustling leaves, conserving certain moods and atmospheres, building the foundaition of Recondites works.
His moniker shows what you can expect from his sounds and productions: cryptic and deep music with unfathomable and murky atmospheres, but always with an ear for seductive (and melancholic) melodys. Even acid, house or dub techno is contributed by the genius witcher in full effect.
His long live-sets are a perfect symbiosis between home listening stuff and functional, yet emotional dancefloor experiences - and that's a true fact!
Moving to Berlin brought him on the right track - by founding Plangent Records, Recondite was able to establish his name rapidly.
Fans of all genres can appreciate his album On Acid from Acid Test/Absurd Recordings, and
even Scuba signed some of his most famous tracks to the well respected Hotflush label.
The most recent big step was joining the Dystopian crew and imprint which underlines his passion for techno and atrabilious sounds.