Key Commands

Boomtown CH 9 - Behind the Mask

Boomtown 2017
Alresford Rd, Winchester, UK
Thursday, August 10, 2017 11:30 PM - 11:30 PM Monday, Aug 14 BST
BoomTown Fair is an eclectic, multi-genre music festival in the UK. Unrivalled in its originality and diversity, the festival brings together reggae, ska, folk, grime, garage, house, jungle, drum & bass, electro-swing and more for an unapologetically bonkers four days of partying.

Boundless creativity transforms an unassuming area of the English countryside into a phenomenal alternative world, creating a temporary city and civilisation complete with districts (and inhabitants therein) that each have their own unique character and musical environment; be it the reggae of Trenchtown, the bass-heavy Sector 6, or the gypsy-folk of the Old Town.

Each year a fantastical new chapter is written in the history one of the most experimental and imaginative festivals in the world.