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Evac Protocol

Dubstep Drum & Bass Reggae / Dub

Evac Protocol has music coursing through his veins. In 2010, the classical musician and deathmetal drummer began blurring the barriers to bring his signature sound to his fans. Since joining the ranks of the bass-driven mercenaries, the Upstate New Yorker has quickly established himself as a predominant producer and DJ with an ever-growing fan base.

Owner and producer at BroTown Records, Evac’s work has also been released on One For All Records, Multikill Recordings, Submotion Audio, Morbit Records, and Dark Adversary Audio among others, and he is a prominent member of the SubVandals Dubstep Crew. Evac has shared the stage with Dieselboy, Zeds Dead, J.Rabbit, HULK, Getter, Mantis, Megalodon, Trollphace, Jphelpz, Sadhu, Adam F, Bare, At Dawn We Rage, and Tantrum Desire just to name a few, he has performed at numerous big name festivals including Camp Bisco, and he is also a featured member of the roster with, “The Evac Protocol Show”.

When not locked away in his laboratory of cacophony, you’ll find Evac out destroying dance floors with relentlessly bass heavy beats and energetic performances. Keep an ear open for future projects from Evac Protocol, although you may not need to - you’re sure to feel the bass.

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Evac Protocol:


Multikill Recordings - Assassins Vol.1 [MKR029]
-Evac Protocol - SellSword

One For All Records - The Gingerbread Man EP [OFAR063]
-Evac Protocol - The Gingerbread Man
-Evac Protocol - The Gingerbread Man (numbergame Remix)

BroTown Records - The Shredder EP [BRO42]
-Evac Protocol - The Shredder
-Evac Protocol - The Foot

One For All Records - Swamp Thing [OFAR061]
-Evac Protocol - Swamp Thing

BroTown Records - The Dead Or Alive EP [BRO39]
-HULK & Evac Protocol - Murphy's Law
-Evac Protocol - The Nutty Professor

Submotion Audio - Watch It Now EP [SUBMN003]
-Chris Vice - Watch It Now (Evac Protocol Remix)

BroTown Records - Jabberwock [BRO35]
-Evac Protocol - Jabberwock

Dark Adversary Audio - Locust Swarm EP [DAA003]
-T.A.R. - Locust Swarm (Evac Protocol Remix)

Rellik Audio – Water Bomb Bass EP [RARD001]
-Chemora – Water Bomb Bass (Evac Protocol Remix)

The Dankles Presents: Inside Your Eardrums Vol.1
-Trampa - Pirates (Evac Protocol Remix)

Dark Adversary Audio Presents: The New Mutants Vol. 2
-Ponicz - Hold Up (Evac Protocol Remix)

SubVandals Dubstep Presents: The War EP
-Evac Protocol – Wario Land

Dark Adversary Audio Presents: The New Mutants Vol.1
-Evac Protocol – Donkey Blower

Morbit Records – Scum Riddim Remixed EP [MRBR053]
-Chris Vice – Scum Riddim (Evac Protocol Remix)

Morbit Records – Winter Is Coming EP [MRBR033]
-Evac Protocol – Winter Is Coming
-Evac Protocol – Benumb

BroTown Records – Organized Crime EP [BRO20]
-HULK & SICKorWELL – Organized Crime (Evac Protocol Remix)

Fresh Filth Clothing – World Wide Wub Vol. 2
-Evac Protocol – Aethosphere

Plasticage Records – Doublecat EP
-6reenlight & Bright Morningstar – Doublecat (Evac Protocol Dubstep Remix)

Fresh Filth Clothing – World Wide Wub Vol. 1
-Evac Protocol – New beginnings

Triskel Tech Recordings – Lemuria EP
-Bright Morningstar & Victoria Mussi – Lemuria (Evac Protocol Remix)

Darksphere – Schizy EP
-Darksphere – Schizy (Evac Protocol Rework)

Featured by The Dankles, TurnThatDamnMusicDown, DubsUpHoesDown, Fresh Filth Clothing, White Label Nation,, Deep Volt, Bringin It To You, High Grade Dubstep, Massive Dubstep, FCK YES, Filthy Dubstep, U.S.A. Dubstep Massive, Dubstep Love, Dubstep Mayhem, Deeper Dubstep, Audio Zombie xx, I Love Dubstep Worldwide, Safe House DJs, Electric News Blog, and Albany Electronic Dance Blog hosted by AfterHoursNY.

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