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Pedro Sanmartín // eseoese

Barcelona, Province of Barcelona, Spain Techno Progressive House Funk / Soul / Disco +7

Pedro Sanmartín is the producer and DJ behind the name ESEOESE.
His interest for electro music was woken up in 1999.
In 2005, after many years as a producer, he decided to take his music out to the dance floor, performing his music in several live acts, at the same time growing stronger as a DJ.
He lived in Germany for two years where he puts aside his live work temporarily, to focus on his mixes.
In Frankfurt his music stands out under several collectives, where he has been a resident for two years, also playing in different clubs in the area
On returning to Barcelona he went back to his musical roots providing quality sounds with a personal and mature style;
where everything he has absorbed during his years travelling is exposed.

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