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escobar P

Los Angeles, CA, USA Techno Minimal Deep House Progressive House +1

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escobar P french dj & producer grow up in Paris.
Listening music has always been essential for him to escape from his reality and cure his self.
At the early age of thirteen he had his first encounters with turntables, he immediately felt in love with the idea that he can play with the music and make it sounds like he wanted to ear it.
His first dj adventures started with Old School Hip Hop and Scratching.
Three years later he felt in love with the crazy beats and melody of electronic music.
He found in it all the feelings that others kind of music could bring to him.
Then later he started making his own music, and producing music became a necessity to express his self.

Music is not what i do, it's who i am.

I don't speak, music do it for me. Understand my musical expression and you will have an idea of what i am trying to say..

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