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Eros Molina

Tech House House

Eros is interested in electronic music at the age of 16 years and bought his first turntables to do their first mixes. Soon after starting, he made his first sessions in small disk-Pubs in the area. At the age of 17 have the opportunity to play on New Year's Eve in Crepusculo. From there, Eros begins to have more events and improve their technique when mixing.

Eros is getting calls from the Boards of the area as Basik (currently System), Botanic, Noboo, Weekeend among others.

Now he wants to go further, that's when he began his career as a producer. Eros launches first job with Iñaki Santos, "Tube Tech" in 2010, Seal Musak Records of Paco Maroto, awarded in 2011 as Seal ONERS DJ Revelation.

Focused on the production, has worked for labels such as Stereo Productions, Musak Records, Distinto Recordings, Beat Rude Records, Zink Records, Ritmikal Records ... Tracks and are supported by the likes of Funkagenda ...

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