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Erik S

Czech Republic

Erik S real name Erik Šimerle, one of the founders of Ex-tract records dj and producer in one person was born in a small town in eastern Bohemia in Svitavy.

From the age of 15 years old when he first listen to techno was his goal clear. Start visited well-known czech techno events like Apocalypse, Techno Masters etc. So far, only as a listener.

Breakthrough was year 2008 when he got the first controller and begins to train at home and play the first techno.

Gradually hardgroove, tribal and old school techno into current modern techno.
About year 2009, he meets his fellow DJ and producer Matt Ess (previously Skynetwork)
And starting to play together in small parties in Eastern Bohemia later produce.

As a manager and founder of the label Ex-tract records he can release his first album which is named Morpheus, later with Matt he release second album Acid overdose which is already quite popular on the label.

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