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Erik Ev_L

Glitch Hop Breaks Electro House Dubstep +3

Erik Ev_L is a 15 year veteran of the NE Ohio EDM community who spends a large portion of time behind the scenes organizing Akron's Ghost Glitch event series. The founder of the Melodrumatic Productions crew first rose to prominance in 1999 when he became a resident of Metropolis' "Church" weekly, spinning a mix of dark UK breaks and electro house for 2.5 years. Since the beginning, he progressed not only as a DJ, but as a producer, signing with Grimey Grooves in late 2012. Over the course of his professional production career, he fell in love with the obscure side of bass music known as glitch hop. Concentrating on it's unique blend of bass heavy, melodic, swinging, and just plain strange beats has set him apart from his peers, slotting him into a place in the EDM community that few have delved into.

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