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Moscow, Russia Tech House Progressive House Deep House +1

ENTER is a story of sound engineer, producer and musician Artem Yavnikov. It tell’s us about the lost and foundation of his own path, loosing the sand of people, and reborn with new recreation of his own vision in Electronic music.

In addition to this project is the creator of his own record label EWM converted from a promo where he gives the opportunity to unknown musicians realize their vision in music. «16 minute» single by ENTER at EWM titled «Inside», musician recorded live and during the summer of 2016 in relation to the single personally filmed a video clip in areas of abandoned factories surrounding area of Moscow.

In between of 2016 and 2017 years started to using live Instruments in his producing, such as Kalimbas, drums, violins, grand piano and looking forward to use Moog and Arturia instruments for main sections. Also recorded live sounds of nature, which has been used & using in his production as the vision of life moments, sounds reflecting the entire inner nature and experiences in the ordinary world as lines of his own poem.

Artem reborn his strength and become a member of Moira Audio Recordings, with Khristian K, Vadim Lankov, Enzo Leep and many other great producers on board. Preparing himself for two vinyl releases at Petra and Moira Records for the end of 2017 and 2018 already.

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