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Moscow, Russia Minimal Techno Tech House

First single track Farabell was released att SoundnessMusic Recordings – Spain (, that was the start point for his project. After a few month he released EP-Burning People at Midside Records (, supported by Burning Man Russia (

Since Yavnikov this project he made up for an 30 events in Moscow and created event Collab called EWM ( with his team, sharing interesting production (, where played many of Russian Producers such as B.Voice&Anrilov, Easy Changes, Sergey Sanchez, Slava Finist, Kompas Vrubel, Korablove, Push’n’Pull, Mostklik. Also sharing free podcasts and tracks, made up for two video-clips on Silver Boy & Burning People.

| Sooner (UA) | Vintage Avenue Recordings (USA) | SoundnessMusic Rec.(ESP) | ANONIMA(POR) | Midside Rec. (MOL) |


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